An Introduction to Posiblog

Admittedly, I am new to the world of blog writing and obviously scanning the internet for high quality examples was part of my research. What became apparent very quickly was how easy it is to unwittingly surround yourself with negativity. Blogs (and in fact all social media) are largely based on opinion and this is a fantastic thing, but opinions can be both positive and negative. What I found was that negative opinions seem to shout the loudest. Whether it be in a blog, a social media post or even a newspaper article, fear and negativity seem to be the preference for gaining attention. But what if you’re not a negative person? What if you are motivated by other people’s energy and enthusiasm – I know I am? Where can you go to make sure your half full glass is topped up even more?

Posiblog was created for that very reason. A place to go where you know the messages, although fueled by opinion, will be uplifting and motivational. With our busy lives, selecting the right messages to surround ourselves in is an important task to ensure our own wellbeing. Hopefully the Posiblog will fulfill that task.

Even though I am a headteacher by trade, I think a positive blog is beneficial in any language so I hope you enjoy the posts on here. Happy reading!